Mari G was Born and raised in the beautiful island of Jamaica until his family emigrated to the united states in the summer of '99. As a child he was constantly exposed to music in the household by his older brother who was always playing the newest Reggae and Hip Hop at the time. At an early age Mari's ears were tuned to the sounds of the late, great Bob Marley, Beres Hammond, Beenie Man, Busta Rhymes, DMX, Michael Jackson and many others. This exposure to so many different kinds of music and cultures would prove to be the foundation of the sound he would later create. In the early stages his passion for music was just as an avid listener and fan, and occasional performer (he used to record his own versions of some of the popular Dancehall songs on a cassette tape at the age of 10), and songwriter. He was tapped to write a song about his school by one of his music teachers at the age of 13 and got some help from a local artist who helped him write the best and most catchy song in the class. In high school he would create mixtapes of some of the popular songs and burn on CDs and sell to other students in his classes. It wasn't until later on in his life that he really took his passion for music seriously by writing his first full song for an artist in the local University of Florida community by the name of Danni Bay whose work he admired. She would go on to perform the song at many events around campus to rave reviews. "I used to remember just enjoying sitting in the back of the room and watching people react to this song that they had no idea I wrote in such a positive way. It definitely fueled my drive to create music and to experience that on a bigger level." says Mari. He also started DJing with the collective known as "Culture Sound" and quickly became a rising figure in the Reggae DJ scene in North and Central Florida. They developed a strong following and would frequent parties in Gainesville, Tallahassee, Tampa, Orlando, and South Florida. This passion would later push him to move to New York with not much money in his bank account but with the dream of making it and the hunger to really learn the skills needed to make music his profession. He started interning at a 5000 square foot studio in Midtown Manhattan and quickly worked his way up from sweeping the floors, to assistant manager, and later to Studio Manager and Head Engineer in less than a year. He has since moved on from that company but the lessons he learned and the relationships he developed have proved invaluable to his career. Mari is ready to embark on the next phase of his journey into music as a full time DJ/Producer & Songwriter. Be on the lookout for his brand of music on the horizon in the very near future. Stay tuned...
LocationNew York, NY & South Florida
EmailShomari Guthrie